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JawzrSize Before And AfterJawzr Size – Giving Your Jaw a Workout

People work out their arms, legs, upper body, and core strength. That’s not your whole body. What if you could give your face and neck the workout they need. Now you can! Introducing JawzrSize! It’s a ball specifically designed to boost your jaw strength and give you a chiseled jaw that rivals Gaston from Beauty and The Beast… but without the abusive obsession with a girl who reads a lot. A lot of people think how their jaw and neck look is entirely genetic, but that might not be true. With JawzrSize, you may be able to alter how the lower part of your face looks. Whether you’re trying to tighten up your skin or build muscle that makes it look like your jaw might be able to cut glass, this innovative new product may be the solution you’re looking for.

This unique device began as part of a Kickstarter campaign, but it has really taken off. JawzrSize can be used by anyone anywhere, and according to their website, it’s been selling rapidly.  The results you experience might shock you. In our JawzrSize review, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about this product. We’ll tell you how it works, it’s price and a little about how you begin and continue a program to get your jaw up to maximum strength. If you’d like to know more, keep reading, but if you’re ready to order your Jawzrsize device(s), click any of the links on this page to go straight to their website and have one delivered right to your door. What are you waiting for?

JawzrSize Results

JawzrSize – What Is This Thing?

Think of it kind of like a stress ball for your mouth. You basically chew it, and that’s why you can do it anywhere. At home. On the go. No matter where you are, JawzrSize can help you build your jaw strength. By chewing it, you work over fifty-seven muscles in your face and neck. With enough use and enough practice, you could be on your way to a stronger, more defined jaw. If you’d like to know more about jaw strength and bit strength, click here.

JawzrSize Program

There are three different strengths of ball in the program. You start with the lowest (first on this list) and work your way up to the stronger balls. Here are the strengths of JawzrSize balls:

  • Blue – At twenty pounds of resistance, this is a good place to start. It’ll get you used to the motion and rhythm of JawzrSize with a great deal of push-back. Twenty pounds may seem like a lot, but your mouth is already a great deal stronger than you probably think it is. Think of this level as cardio for your mouth.
  • Purple – This ball has forty pounds of resistance, doubling the strength of the previous one. It’ll give you a good workout for your jaw. Once you’ve used the blue ball enough, and you think you’re ready for a challenge, move up to the purple ball and start pushing your jaw harder.
  • Green – This ball has fifty pounds of resistance, so it’s for seasoned JawzrSize pros. This will really push your jaw to its limit. Want all those muscles in your lower face and neck to really get to work? Start chewing on the green ball. Once you’ve mastered this one, you’ve probably got the best chin and neck you could possibly have. If you took a before picture when you started the program, it’s time to take an after picture and compare the two.

JawzrSize Instructions

  1. Take a look at your jaw and observe anything you’d like to change about it. Take a before photo if you choose.
  2. Hook a ball into the necklace. Make sure you’re using a ball that corresponds to your jaw strength. The stronger your jaw is, the stronger the ball should be.
  3. Attach a bite-strip to the ball.
  4. Chew the ball while you clean the house, go on a walk, go shopping, or even while you’re at the gym.
  5. When you’ve mastered one ball, and your jaw no longer becomes tired while using it, move on to a stronger ball and repeat the process.
  6. Progress until you’ve mastered the green ball, then take a look in the mirror and look at the results of you JawzrSize. Take an after photo if you choose.

JawzrSize Price

These devices retail for $39.95 a piece, and if you order the blue ball alone, that’s what you’ll pay for it (plus shipping and handling). If you order multiple balls, you’ll get a JawzrSize discount code. Not only does the shipping get covered for you, but you also start saving on the devices. A 2-pack of the blue and purple balls will cost $59.91. Their most popular option is the 3-pack at $79.90. You get one of each ball strength, plus a carrying case and extra bite-strips. If you order two 3-packs at once, you get the best savings. You get all the benefits of the 3-pack, but the total will only be $119.85. If you consider the individual cost of each device, you’re saving a ton with this deal.

JawzrSize Results

We have to say that results will vary because these are kind of like dumbbells. You can order them, but if you don’t use JawzrSize, you won’t see the results you’re looking for. The more you use them, and the quicker you get to that green ball, the more likely it is that you’ll see dramatic results. Leave them in the corner alone and forgotten, your jaw isn’t going to look any different than it did before you bought them.

JawzrSize Summary

Are you unhappy with your jawline? Maybe it’s time to try giving your jaw a work out. JawzrSize is one of the only jaw sculpting devices currently on the market. What are you waiting for? To order JawzrSize right now, click any of the links on this page, and you’ll be taken right where you need to be.

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